Here you will fine the full body of my credentials and some of the work they have spawn. Most of which is devoted to advertising, a rather despicable way of mind-control but it does pay the bills. It's also fun to go to sleep at night thinking about the vast stores or refuse entering our landfills, and to know that just maybe I've caused you to want to buy something totally worthless in the grand order of schemes. The demographics alone are fun to parouse since they are on the whole more accurate than going through your trash personally and tell me much more about you than you'll ever know.

Please Stay in view of the camera-thank you.

Here You'll see one of 15 renderings that I did using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator Exclusively. I mention this because some people assume there was a 3d program at work. Since the TimeLines didn't allow this, and the fact that I needed to average about 3-4 hours for each, those two programs became worth something in the long run.

This one was particularly fun since not only did I Art Direct the piece for this new Telecom Service Group, but I also designed their logo in time to create a bidding war between two investors from the results. This one and 6 other concepts that me and a fellow writer set loose was done in a one week crunch from a ton of market data which proved more cryptic than the bottem line of the message we presented. And to think that an investment director for one of the world's largest TELCOs made the remark on "loosing his job if this group got away from him". I wonder what he's doing nowadays anyway?

Another Fun Illustration, this one for some maker of Air Cusions. The cute thing was that after I finished re-drawing the figure by hand after applying the texture map all in photoshop (did I mention at I don't have the patience for 3D software, neither do my deadlines) it scared the hell out of everyone it was shown too-nicknames of Lizard Man from the movie SSSSsss are running rampant. I'm pretty sure it's going to be used in the proposed layout though, hope the client signs off on it.

These last two examples were done for an ad agency that was in the service of Auggie Busch III, and were done as part of a private war with Miller. It probably came to mind after all those Red Dog billboards surrounding the Anheuser Busch Brewery. It was one of 23 concepts and layouts that I art Directed with the same writer from above. The upshot of the one with the hardhat was an expose about Sam' Addams fine tradition of brewing in Pittsburg-not Boston, and The wonderful Plank Road Brewery that not many know was Miller's origonal brewery that was demolished into a parking lot in the late 20's/early 30's. I'm not sure this latest "charge" is going to see the light of day, but it was fun doing-and even more getting paid for-oh yeah I produced them too-why would I pay someone else to use Quark, when I've used it for 6 years?

Montgomery Gabrys

listed skills

hardware and software
macintosh, NeXT, silicon graphics, jpeg compression video systems, scanners, imagesetters, ethernet networks, multimedia peripherals, video decks, quicktime, alias, full color publisher, framemaker, pasteup, adobe premiere, adobe illustrator, adobe photoshop, adobe streamline, adspeed, quark, pagemaker,freehand, image/colorstudio, macromind(media) director, web authoring tools, and misc apps (word processing, telecommunications, diagnostic tools).

graphics & video
art direction, concepts, ad design, production, package design, image enhancement, postscript illustration, 3d modeling / rendering, animation, jpeg based video editing.

technical, industry developments, information systems, video, web page development-html authoring.

professional history

schupp advertising (currently @)
art director, and concepts for television storyboards, layouts, and executions.

advertising savants (currently @)
art director & production artist. design & layout, concepts, illustration, & production.

jacobson advertising (currently @)
art director & production artist. design & layout, concepts, illustration, animation, & production.

tbwa switzer wolfe
production artist: quicktime animation and editing for jpeg based online editing systems, technical consulting, industry consulting, print production, illustration and rendering.

alembic systems international
technical director of communications: support for the marketing and support of software. including; software analysis and testing, pr support, workflow management, sales support, customer support, developer communications, and market analysis.

toma & associates
mac production, illustration, sgi rendering & modeling, pre-press prep, multimedia design.

genesis inc.
type & layout design, product illustration, color composites, photomanipulation, system consulting.

color associates (electronic design division)
electronic illustrator for package design, pre-press preparation, line art generation, isometric renderings, image enhancement, postscript illustration.

the wednesday magazines (a division of pulitzer)
advertising design, illustration and production, network management, system consulting configuration and installation.


university of northern colorado
b.a. in visual arts, graphic arts emphasis, internship, ad design, graphics, illustration, typography, art history and theory, postscript illustration and design.


unc student art group
group devoted to discussions and dialogues on movements and trends in art and design.

rocky mountain NeXT user group
user group involved in advancing developments concerning the NeXT workstation, internet communications, and CD-ROM software publishing.


componere gallery
icons, shrines and other contemporary fetish things.

marinani gallery
two pieces placed in jured exhibitions of selected works, third place graphics.

references available on request.


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