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Let me get situated here-cigarette run for Camel Filters (BTW don't smoke unless you really want an annoying habit to loose once it's banned in every possible public place.) Another Shot of Knob Creek for the ice tea, ok now I can think (also having the formatting for this page concluded helps)

ok enough thinking out loud...

In an age where the politico at large is still reeling from the after affects of a three way split election which disbarred the former head of the CIA from getting another go at it, causing admittedly the most waffle textured american to take the oval office and remind us what a forgettable commander in chief is really all about, we're back for more punishment. Call me a masochist, but I can't wait.

He's so far only mentioned that he'd really really wants the job (recent time interview). It's a good thing too because the system as it exists today would kick the teeth out of anyone else trying to do the same thing if he didn't have a few billion of his own. And you thought matching funds were just an option on your income tax form eh?

The time is ripe for another general on the heels of many previous generals to get in and shake things up on the hot seat. Although I was more of a fan of Eisenhower's manipulation of the media (second only to Nixon and FDR) than his actual political views, he at least left a legacy that is still echoed in the nation's highway program and the longest tunnel that bores 4 high speed lanes through the rocky mountains destined to become a landmark in a great Steven King novel. Since when did you think Clinton would amount to as much. He hasn't, and won't be remembered as such-except in all those historical photos that will haunt us like Nixon's face on all those Nasa PR shots from the moon program.

How the media is handling this now is laughable since they are mostly just falling over themselves to get the first memorable soundbite, worse than the OJ Simpson coverage-which is something to be admired all by itself when you think about it.

The BW interview on ABC was interesting but then admittedly I also didn't give this event the bandwidth it deserved because of two things. One I was in Aspen trying to figure out why the hell I left Colorado in the first place, and Two-I never forgave ABC/Capitol/Disney for caving in and allowing Sony to showcase Michael Jackson like some porcelain figurine from the Home Shopping Network. I didn't buy it then, and I don't buy it now. But once Time Magazine slapped the General's puss on the cover I knew something was up. Immediately I started doing some precursory searches on his current soudbites and started taking informal polls of my own. I actually started to talk to people to get their reactions on all this.

The current vote seems to be this. The two party system is on it's last leg, and no one really gives a damn except for the various zealots out there what the hell is going on in Washington these days except to giggle at barbs that occur when some smuck is ejected from their cozy tax subsidized seat. I firmly believe (and partake) that the voters that have created the greatest free-world election embarrassment are not as apathetic as the pompous patriots would have them made out as.

In fact, if they're any less apathetic-I would expect to watch DC burn on CNN.

No, they've been stymied by the various puppet boys that have pretended to be one of us while sucking in several million a year in current or pervious endevours while waiting for their juicy tenure packages. And that goes for Rush Limbaugh as well. Whether you love or despise where he's coming from-I switch off when a man who can't take a fork out of his mouth makes over 10 million a year and attempts to convince me that he's just one of the guys. But when I hear about a person who was able to rise though the blood sweat and tears branch of organized society to the point of a General, and do it while being handicapped with all the racial burdens that we pretend don't exist, I'm impressed. More importantly when I hear that he's a moderate then I pretty much just keel over dead. Imagine that-a REAL trained militia man (not some weekend warrior who part times as a christian version of the islamic Jhihad in Oklahoma) who thinks that perhaps we could use some reasonable regulation of our private weapons of mass destruction instead of just our automobiles. Imagine someone who thinks that a proported politically radioactive topic of abortion should be left up to the people and not the government.

In less than 1 month he's dispelled every media inspired bugaboo that has decimated the spineless armies in the last 12 years of government and has come out looking more popular than ever. If that's just the first strike, I can't wait to see the fireworks when/if he decides to actually RUN. God I hope so, because in the meantime he'll have 127 million extras on the set of "waiting for Godot". Given the weight of his convictions and interest level, I think he should easily find the right political croneys to outsource the leverage he'll need to do so. And of course what better person to keep the people who are primping his media icon status in check than someone who commanded some of the most complicated military hardware to hit the planet since the denizens of this ball of dirt decided to beat one another with sticks?

If this is defcon 1 then my confidence is high. And it's not just a wanton desire to see a real military man throw his weight around the government, it's not just a desire to see the first black president in office, it's not just a wanton lust for a die-hard moderate to stop second guessing what the hell I want in life, it's not just a hatred of the two party system as it now exists, it's not just the massive frustration that I have for modern politics in general that has restricted my right to vote to the local level as opposed to the national elections-no it's because for all of the above reasons and more IT JUST FEELS RIGHT. The timing is right, the person seems right (credentials are one thing, but having a STARS on your resume clears away a LOT of smoke and mirrors) his stance is right, and if anyone seemed right to become a historic leader of the best (and last) superpower and take it into the next millennia-Powell seems to be the man.

Quick wrap-up quiz

What feels Right?

(a) Telling your grandchildren that Clinton was president at the year 2000

(b) Telling your grandchildren that Bob Dole was president at the year 2000

(c)Telling your grandchildren that Colin Powell was president at the year 2000.

It's not just the idea that we would have a decisive leader in the White House, it's not the idea that perhaps we would have proof that this country too has shed it's apartheid (or at least come a long way baby), it's not just that his vision-thing might actually be in synch with all the changes that we're going to be seeing, it's the fact that I wouldn't cringe with embarrassment telling anyone that we allowed "A or B" into the seat of power at this point in history. I would be proud to know that perhaps he, and eventually we, made the right choices that would herald the opening of the new millennia.

It just feels right.

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