Dumpster Diving in the Land of Plenty

If I find anything good, you can see it here

Two small pocket watches and a sterling silver filagree rosary. I found these in the dumpster behind my house.

The same week that I found these, I had scored a really nice office chair from a different alley, and since I was picking up the chair, I opened up the dumpster and there was a TV and a Hitachi Videodisk player. I dug a little deeper and found a few of the disks, too. Starwars, Flashdance, An Officer and a Gentleman, and The Graduate. This is one of the really old ones, that takes the vinyl platters. I left the TV.

On my way to work I spotted this camera lying in the alley, and it still had film in it. When I get the prints back, I will stick 'em on this page too.

This is a good time to introduce the Seed project.

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