Dear David,

Here is the package that we are sending out at this time regarding Ono-Sendai. I enjoyed speaking with you on the phone about relevant issues of art and computer graphics. I always enjoy such a good chat about these subjects, so feel free to call at any time.

Always remember to do your best on the computer, and critique the hell out of it in terms of whether or not you see yourself in your creations. This is very important. I think it will become more of an issue as time progresses. Right now people can get away with produciong "computer generated images." I think that once the amazement wears off, people will be searching for the human side of the equation, rather than methodology alone.

Currently in computer graphics, methodology is an obsession. I suppose it has to do with the newness of the electronic media; only now is the field transgreesing from hacker-geeks to traditional artists. There is still a great chasm between those who have spent their lives immersed using traditional art techniques, versus those who ascribe by only the most cutting-edge modern techniques. I wish to propose that both techniques are 100% valid: I know too many artists who refuse to recognize the vision that a computer can help an individual craft; and too many technoheads who can only look funny when you talk about ray-tracing, vector and Encapsulated Post Script. I think that there only exists extremes in both worlds, and for as long as that is the case, great discrepancies of vision will exist.

Anyway, feel free to call or write. I enjoyed our conversation.