The WEB is very big, and open.

For this reason, it confuses me, and throws me off balance a bit.

There is much that I want to do, and much that needs doing.

The Bloodhound: Locate me anywhere on the planet!

An interactive view of the computer platforms I have used, and associated applications.

As you can see, I am learning PERL. One of my passions is showing people that you don't have to bring digital full frame, full speed video, and cd quality audio to the WEB to get interactivity. So I am in the process of exploring the potential of using little databases, and smart engines to produce interesting interactive apps on the WEB.

Debunk HTML just as a matter of course. It was designed for online computer manuals and scientific research notebooks, not real heavy duty delivery tasks that are being handed to it.

I have begun to compile a diary online. It contains tips and tricks, but mostly caveats for software systems that I using and learning now. Soon it will talk about my new apartment, and my pets as well. I am also working on an article written by Len Ellis, a Vice President at Fleishman Hillard.

I LOVE Real Audio. I am learning to configure it and to provide content with it.

You should hear our theme (The geeky one) here in about a month.

I do have a few things that are fairly vague, one is about how we are like dogs in our pursuit of information. The other is a short on the future of technology according to my cousin and I.

A while ago (3 years) I transacted some letters with one of the most intelligent and geeky guys I've ever met. Slam here to read "The Letters of Dan and Dave."


If home is where the heart is, does that make my neighbor a LUNG? /body>