devo Today - Friday Aug 26,

Took a day away from Image Soup to try to catch up on administrative details and to contemplate my future with the local internet provider that I use. They have brought me on board, and I am very psyched.

learning Perl is not as tough as I thought in some respects, but configuring the server to do anything interesting is proving to be difficult. I'm not talking about the SGI, I'm talking about NCSA 1.3 on a BSD2.0 system. I don't have any privileges in terms of the config, so I have to use .htaccess files, and these I feel are not excellent solutions. The real hard time is finding documentation on the server. I use the NCSA docs at, but these are not well organized, and the tutorials aren't. At any rate I can't get forms to process, I don't know how to use method="get", and the server won't let me method="post".

devoToday - Thursday/Friday, August sometime 18th (I think).

Well, it's been a long day.

I had coffee with Keith and Penelope this morning so I was late for my client appointment. I am learning WEB Force Author, and Netscape httpd. I had to get some authoring done today. We had a good core set of docs together, but two days ago, we made huge changes to the structure of an online calendar of events. This caused my brain to go into major paroxysms of REWORK-A-Phobia.

Espescially since I am kind of new to this SGI thing (not the BOX, the authoring tools) but I finally have the hang of it.

devoWEB Magic Author is cool because: