gEEkfOrcE iZ nOw ONlinE
(Where Else Would We Be?)
Welcome to whatever the worst minds, the twisted heads, the smelly lower parts of the bodies, can think up to scream at, regurgitate, mutilate, rant/flame bait and throw on the nearest wall to see if it will stick. If it DOES, we'll post it here. Occasionally some of us may be dredging material to help us SELL OUT-if this is the case, you can ignore the inflamitory nature of all of the above so someone can KISS UP to another person who is making more money tha n we are (hey-we gotta stay off welfare right?). But if you want to see some whackked artwork and designs for web pages-combined with the worst stories and opinions this side of the Weekly World News, you could do worse than spend your time creeping throu gh GEEKFORCE.

Email us, and we'll put you online too-or we'll abuse and flame the hell out of you and then post the results for the entire planet's enjoyment. So Eunichs, Hermaphrodites, Mutants, Devo Fans, Subgenni, Traveling Salesman, Alien Sex Fans of Elvis, Kennedy Marksmen, Grateful Dead Head Shrinkers, Advertising Boobs, Graphic Designers, Rush Limbaugh Assasins, Out of Work Survivalists, People on Nefarious Substances, and Normal People-we are proud to introduce....


Scream along with David Fondle Here if you want to peer into the general wierdness from St. Louis' foremost Computer addict for hire. Bitter Amiga User, Desperately seeking to flame Susan, Driver of uns afe Automobiles, Wishful Thinker, Web Site Developer.

Rant along with Monty
Spindle Here if you wish to enter the left frontal lobe of Denver's somewhat notable Industry Editorialist, Interactive Cynic, Recovering NeXT User, Mac Hack, Art Snob, Weekend Occultist, Obscure Film Buff, Bourbon Consumer, Smoker, Writer, Creative Brat, Art Director, and worst of all-Advertising Boob.

Flameout with Ian Poke here for first person point of view global therapy from a man who truly believes that reality should be multiple choice. Ian has tried to leave St. Louis twice, only to move back and buy a house. He lives with too many animals, drives to much, and is always in a rush.

About [an error occurred while processing this directive] Web Users think that Rush Limbaugh would taste just like chicken.

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