We feel that it may be prurient at this point to add some background information about the geeks behind the geekforce:

Way back in 1995, Dave, Ian, and Monty were all kicking around in St. Louis, Missouri. Dave worked at an ISP, Ian was working at an advertising agency, and Monty was doing creative packaging. They all got bit by the Internet bug and threw a site up. The site was served out of Dave's user directory, and in what was a portent of things to come, all three quickly forgot about it and moved on to other things.

To everyone's surprise, the original GeekForce site was chosen as the Geek Site of the Day on about midnight (or so), September 14th, 1995. The only thing working in our favor was that the web was a much smaller pond at the time, so it was much easier to get noticed.

g33kF04rc3WHQ! Monty made this banner, ripping off DEVO in a failed attempt at trolling them for our benefit and publicity. We ripped off their power dome hats as well. Shameless. We had this banner on the homepage for about 2 years, and never heard a peep from DEVO.

If you care, the Wayback Machine at the Internet Archive has a few historical scrapes.

g33kF04rc3WHQ!Remember when every site had a big splashy banner at the top? This is what was up for a while in 1999. We're still looking around for some of the others.

g33kF04rc3WHQ!For a brief moment in the early 2000s we joined some banner exchanges. This was one of ours. Nothing ever came of it.

Monty was always good for cranking out interesting graphics. g33kF04rc3WHQ!

For the past few years, we tried to offer up a whole lot more content, but the overhead for so much old content has become prohibitive.

Why did we do this?

Ego stroking, mainly......and ranting.

We had great plans on how to make our millions "from the web", whatever that meant. None of them ever planned out, yet the website and the domain persist. Every few years someone contacts us to see if we will sell the domain. The answer is usually no, unless you have a giant bucket of money for us.g33kF04rc3WHQ!